I had the perfect Sunday. I mean perfect perfect perfect. An insanely hard yoga class (the kind that makes me wonder if the teacher is trying to kill me), a long lone grocery store wandering (where I ran into a lovely old friend) from which I returned with 10 beautiful tomatoes per the instructions of my…

via 10 tomato soup + other things to love about Sunday — Seema Reza

Title: Not about being thankful
By: Vainuupo Avegalio
I don’t want to write what I am thankful for, so I won’t.
I am just going to be stubborn today.
I don’t want to write about the beautiful weather we’ve had the past 2 days,
Or how the breeze tickled my neck hairs as passed by my head,
I don’t want to write about my friends, and how they have saved my life,
Or how my body feels as if I belong and my mind is starting to settle because of them,
I don’t want to write about my life because I feel that its played out,
I don’t want to write about when I take my first waking breathe I smile,
And say today is another day to make someone smile,
Or how good a real hug feels,
I don’t want to write about the best scones I have ever had,
And that I can’t admit they are 100 times better than my aunt’s scones,
Or how the fluffy cake like texture is so perfect, and how it just melts in your mouth,
Or how the different spices tingle your taste buds,
I don’t want to write about tuna, so I won’t,
And I don’t want to write about sourdough bread, and how eating it fresh is beyond the best thing ever,
Or how the bread crust is not hard like most yet firm, and how the bread really makes my tuna taste less fishy,.
I don’t want to write about what I am most thankful for, because it is truly a blessing,
And how some things are best left unsaid.